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Mykonos Gym provides the best Personal Training Services in Mykonos Island focusing on your fitness and health. The training courses are curated by certified personal trainer, Panayiotis Moungos, who helps you achieve your personal fitness goals, whether you want to lose weight, or want to change life style for optimal physical condition.

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As a graduate coach with more than 20 years' experience, Panayiotis Moungos strives to help you attain optimal well-being, through fitness outreach & Personal Fitness Training.
Personal Training Coordinator
Under Panayiotis' guidance, a team of certified coaches & trainers seeks to maintain and improve your physical fitness levels, by providing high-quality and affordable personal fitness services.

You can enjoy daily Pilates, Yoga, Martial arts, Cross training, even Massage & Latin Dance classes for individuals & groups, in Mykonos Gym or wherever else you want!

Our team can visit you in your villa, hotel, beach or anywhere in Mykonos, so as to get a personalized program, created to meet your needs & offer you an awesome training experience!
Trainers: Mykonos Gym offers a wide variety of Personal Fitness Training and Personal Fitness Assessment options, provided by our friendly staff of professionally certified fitness instructors. Our team will help you set specific, realistic and achievable goals. Highly-qualified staff of trainers are ready to assist you in reaching your health and fitness goals!
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No matter if you like to stay in shape with exclusive training sessions during your holidays or you like to undergo a long-term fitness support as an island (part-time) resident, we create an entertaining world of fitness for you.
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