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Call: 22890 28510 or  694 5984173

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Centrally located, Mykonos Gym offers a multitude of options for everyone, including a wide range of group exercise and fitness programs.


No matter what your fitness level, you will find that Mykonos Gym is fully equipped with tons of strength training equipment, cardiovascular machines and other exercise equipment.


Additional services such as personal training, sauna, Sports Clubs for Kids and personal fitness assessments are also available.


Mykonos Gym's successful growth over the years is a result of many things, including its innovative fitness programs, well-trained staff, dedication to quality and service and continual facility improvement.


But foremost, Mykonos Gym's success has been earned by placing member satisfaction above all else. Our members are satisfied because they get results from their fitness programs.


Come find out what makes Mykonos Gym different!

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